November 2nd through November 18th

Friday and Saturday 7:30pm

Sunday 2:00pm

Cabrillo College Crocker Theater

Cabrillo College Theatre Arts Department presents Euripides’ TROJAN WOMEN . The play takes place in the immediate aftermath of the ten-year Trojan War. The Greeks infiltrated the city hidden inside a giant wooden horse, which the Trojans took to be an offering to the gods. Troy falls to the Greek victors and as the play opens all Troy is to be burned, and the Trojan women have become the spoils of war, soon to be taken off to be slaves of the Greeks.

In this new version, Brendan Kennelly gives the play a twentieth-century edge. The women are usually seen as passive victims but Kennelly draws them as strong, active, resolute and shrewd.

Direction by Sarah Albertson with set design by Skip Epperson and costumes by Maria Crush.