Island Soldier - Film Screening

Tuesday March 19, 2019

2:00pm -5:00pm

Free Event

Tickets are FREE but are REQUIRED for entrance.

Box Office opens 1 hour prior to event.

Samper Recital Hall

The untold story of Micronesian soldiers fighting for their piece of the "American Dream" and the future of a small island nation.

ISLAND SOLDIER asks challenging questions while offering viewers a unique perspective on a globalized world. Who are these virtually unknown foreign soldiers fighting America’s wars? What does it mean for the United States to use, and practically discard, foreign citizens from their military? What happens to Micronesian veterans, and their families, when they return home and cannot access their benefits (healthcare, treatment for PTSD, loans, etc)? What is the future of these islands that exist at the mercy of foreign superpowers and strategic military interests?

The public screening will include the film director / producer, the cultural advisor, and possibly some Micronesian veterans who will provide some contextual overview of the Micronesian islands and answer your questions. This event is recommended for anyone interested in veteran’s support, social justice, international politics, and issues of war & peace. For more information, visit:


Dr. Vidalino Staley Raatior, is a Micronesian educator, consultant, social entrepreneur, and the Cultural Advisor for Island Soldier will give a brief contextual overview of the Micronesian islands.

Nathan Fitch, director, cinematographer, and producer of Island Soldier, will be at each screening and participate in discussion sessions featuring members of the communities featured in the film.