Fire In The Heart

Saturday March 5th 7:30pm

Cabrillo College Crocker Theater

FIRE IN THE HEART is an evening of performance that includes 20 plus performers speaking in the art forms that saved their lives - a community of artists committed to changing the way we experience trauma and strengthening community resilience.  The two-hour production includes gospel, hip-hop, classical music, dance, poetry, film, theater, and autobiography. FIRE IN THE HEART shows how the arts can help us process, heal, and transcend traumatic events, whether they be in our own lives or in the lives of others, while entertaining and enriching us at the same time.  Performers include recording artists Chris and Gina Rene, The Luminaries, gospel great Delores Burgess, author Tom North, concert cellist Lisa Lancaster, local filmmakers and actresses Deborah Allen and Brittney Buffo, poet Becca Hunnicutt, and more.